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Finite Element Soil Analysis

Our mainstay professional software for finite element analyses is Plaxis.

We have implemented FEM solutions for geotechnical problems such as:

  • 2D static stress–strain Finite Elements (version 8.5), for plane strain and axisymmetric geotechnical problems
  • 2D Dynamic Finite Elements for Time–Domain geotechnical problems
  • 2D PlaxFlow Finite Elements for seepage problems
  • 3D Foundation Finite Elements for complex geometries

We have also developed in house finite elements procedures for 3D seepage problems, as well as codes for consolidation models, u–p formulation (coupled flow–deformation fields), and dynamic analyses for both, time and frequency domains.

Typical geotechnical applications of finite elements are:

  • Axial and lateral capacity of caisson– and pile–foundations
  • Site dewatering (both, for steady state and transient flow)
  • 2D and 3D slope stability analyses using the c-Φ reduction method (stress–strain compatible solutions)
  • Earth retaining systems
  • Settlement analysis of foundations including elastic, consolidation, and/or creep deformations)
  • Soil–structure interaction problems



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