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Soil Testing Instrumentation Capabilities

Our instrumentation capabilities include the installations of modern sensors, transducers, and data logging systems to acquire field measurements for:

  • Plate Load Testing
  • Load Testing of footings and pile foundations
  • In-situ pore water pressure measurements using vibrating wire piezometers, as well as pneumatic piezometers.
  • Strain gauge applications (we install and instrument foil strain gauges to structural elements)
  • Measurements of loads, pressures, and displacements using load cells, pressure transducers, and LVDTs
  • Dynamic measurements of displacement on foundations (structural members)
  • Wave velocity measurements using proximitors, geophones, and accelerometers
  • In-situ electric conductivity of soils using the Wenner four-point method

Measurement of soils peak particle velocities during pile driving or sheetpile vibratory installation



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