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Foundation Engineering Analysis

When shallow or deep foundation systems are being evaluated, the main outcome of the analysis translates into allowable bearing capacity and the associated settlements. These estimates however are affected by uncertainties, which are not always well defined. Therefore, current practice methods resort to higher factor of safety values, resulting in unnecessarily costly solutions.

Using our engineering approach (advanced testing, advanced analytical procedures, and measurement of performance of installed foundations) we are in a process of creating a meaningful smart database. This engineering approach allows us to reduce the amount of uncertainties associated to the design process, resulting in cost–effective foundation solutions.

When compared to standard site investigations, our cost may be more expensive, perhaps double the amount of a typical site investigation. However, our site investigation and analysis will present your foundation project with substantial cost reductions. In most cases, our approach has resulted in at least 20% savings in foundation cost.

Case in point: your bearing stratum has an N value of 50/3”, or worst yet, 50+ bpf.
SPT-based design methods do not provide a specific bearing value. They give you a range of bearing capacities: 400 kPa to 4000 kPa.

Take your pick? No, definitively not. You will be advised to use 400kPa.

In our approach, we measure in-situ strength using pressuremeter testing in hard soils, or dilatometer testing in not–so–hard soils. Either way, our determination of soil strength will give you the accurate bearing capacity.



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